Replenish & Recover (R&R)

A 4 Month Program to Help Service-based Professionals Eliminate and Proactively Prevent Burnout and Anxiety by Transforming Their Lifestyle and Mindset Through Getting Their Self-care Routines in Place to Clear Any Stress Build-up So That They Experience a Drastic Jump in Vitality and Deep Restfulness Which Leads to Far More Effective Performance.

Who Am I?

I realized the importance of self-care when I was twelve and my dad died in a horse racing accident. Losing him made it painfully clear how precious life is, and that none of us knows how long we have. Before he died I watched my parents work long hours, six days a week, and saw the toll this took on them, from exhaustion to burnout to depression. I experienced similar exhaustion and burnout when I was in graduate school, studying and teaching. I felt lost, disconnected, and stuck, and I didn’t know what to do about it.

That’s when I discovered yoga and quickly fell in love.

It wasn’t long until I decided to become a yoga teacher (one of the best decisions of my life), and finally felt connected and whole again. I loved teaching yoga and I loved my students, but like my dad who loved working with horses and had to work long hours just to make ends meet, I found myself teaching up to twenty classes a week, running from one class to the next, with no days off. I’d found what I loved and I was exhausted.

Meanwhile I witnessed my students, from medical doctors to social workers to teachers and therapists also struggle with exhaustion and burnout. These students came to me over and over again after class to share how much my teaching helped them, that my classes kept them from depression, relieved their anxiety, kept them focused, calm and centered, helped them sleep, and even improved their performance at work.

I realized it was time to take my yoga teaching off of the mat and embrace self-care and wellness as a holistic way of life.

I’m passionate about coaching my clients in a powerful shift from burnout to resilience with sustainable self-care that supports them throughout their life.

About My Program


Who Is It For?

This program is for women in service based professions who give so much of their time, energy, heart and soul to their clients, patients and students, and now need to apply the care they so generously give to others to themselves so that they can beat burnout and thrive.

Module One

The 101 Self-Care Check


  • Provides an overview of where you stand in the key pillars of self-care, highlighting areas that need addressing.
  • An assessment is made which allows you to see clearly where gaps are which will set the foundation for the rest of the program for you.


Feeling a little (or a lot) frustrated that you put everyone else first and never have time for yourself? Do you feel as if you can’t take care of yourself until you’ve taken care of all of your other responsibilities and other people’s needs? At the same time you’re burned out and exhausted and you know something has to change? Look no further as this initial detailed assessment and coaching will reveal crucial data, setting the course for the next modules, so that you prioritize your self-care every day, and are finally free from burnout, without sacrificing your other commitments.

Module Two

Blissful Sleep


  • Establish specific evening rituals to help you relax, restore, and get a blissful night’s sleep.
  • Get the toolkit for winding down that will specifically help you destress when the day has had a lot of emotional triggers for you.


Are you exhausted all the time? When was the last time you got a good night’s sleep? In order to show up for ourselves and others we need restorative sleep, in fact sleep is one of the primary pillars of self-care. Experience the transformative shifts of regular blissful sleep. Fall asleep easily, sleep deeply, and wake up refreshed, reenergized and restored every day.

Module Three

Wake Up Like the Sun


  • Start the day feeling calm, centered, & focused by establishing morning rituals that help you gain the inner strength you need to fill up on before the day really starts.
  • Get the specific practices to help you build your inner muscle of calm when you are expecting a difficult day.


Do you start the day feeling anxious and tired? Then find yourself scrolling through instagram, or immediately checking work email and tackling items on your to do list, which just increases your feelings of anxiety and fatigue? With these simple and powerful morning rituals and routines you’ll start the day feeling calm, centered, and focused, ready to meet whatever the day holds with clarity & ease.

Module Four

Afternoon Reset


  • Get your 30 Seconds to Calm between your midday commitments and insulate yourself from overworking, and emotional “leaks” through this one crucial mindful technique which you can implement even if your appointments run into each other.
  • Practice a Quick & Easy Lunchtime Centering so that you return to work feeling relaxed, restored & renewed.


Do your shoulders consistently creep up to your ears as the day progresses? Do you lose mental focus and feel your body becoming more and more tense? With these short and easy midday breaks tension will melt from your shoulders, you’ll be mentally sharp and focused, and your body will feel relaxed so that you end the day feeling centered and calm.

Module Five

Start with Self-Love


  • Release shame, self criticism, and judgment through easy to do Self-compassion & RAIN practices that take very little time (all you need is 5 minutes!), and help you meet yourself even in the midst of a hectic day with love and compassion.


How often do you judge or criticize yourself? Would you say to a friend what you say to yourself? Release shame and self criticism so that you  love yourself just as you are.

Module Six

Build Better Boundaries


  • A critical burnout prevention practice is being able to know and understand what your limits are. Tune into yourself with the Embodied Boundaries Assessment to discover what supports you and what keeps you stuck, so that you can then…
  • Honor your boundaries with the Build Better Boundaries Blueprint, a step by step process that you implement incrementally one step at a time, with each step building on and supporting the next.


Do you have a tendency to overcommit? To take on too many tasks and responsibilities, to say yes when you know you should say no? Create sustainable and supportive boundaries and start saying no to what you don’t want and yes to what you do want, freeing up your energy and time so that you are much more effective at work, and feel fulfilled personally.

Module Seven

Move Your Beautiful Body


  • Commit to movement every day with Short & Sustainable Movement Breaks that you can do from the comfort of your home or at work without changing into workout clothes!
  • Schedule Small, Short Term Movement Goals that you can achieve & celebrate each week.


Have you lost connection to your own body while taking care of others? If you’re a healthcare worker, is it important to you not to end up like your patients? Did you know that movement and connecting to your body are key to completing the stress cycle? Make movement a part of your daily life and feel connected to and confident in your body again.

Module Eight

Find Your SOS (Sweet Optimum Spot)


  • Sweet Optimum Spot Technique or (SOS), to Reconnect and Recommit to what reenergizes and restores you.
  • SOS Strategies you can implement when you only have ten minutes, to prevent burnout and bring you back to vitality.


When you have a day’s break or a weekend fill up your self care account and recharge your batteries for the upcoming week with your Sweet Optimum Spot or SOS, what uniquely lights up, supports and soothes you so that you return to work feeling re-energized, renewed, and ready for whatever comes your way! Or implement one of my Swift SOS Strategies when you only have ten minutes to prevent burnout and bring you back to vitality during the busy work week.

Module Nine

Self-Care Is Your Superpower


  • Follow up on the self-care assessment to measure the progress you’ve made and how far you’ve come, also to highlight where you still need support.
  • Bring Modules 2-7 together to iterate how important/vital they are to your self-care and to eliminating burnout and anxiety, as well as continuing to commit to your self-care after this program is over.


By the end of this program you’ll be a self-care superhero! You’ll be free from anxiety, have banished burnout for good, have regular deep & restful sleep and be recognized as far more effective at your job without spending more time there! Celebrate your self-care superpower by printing out your own Self-Care is my Superpower Commitment Statement that you sign as a commitment to continuing to take loving care of your beautiful self every single day.

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