Dani Dunckley, MA, RYT

Please Go Through Everything Before your Session

Common Questions

1. How do you usually work with clients?

Far from being selfish self-care is essential for making a sustainable and significant impact in the world. I support women in service based professions who are burned out from putting everyone else’s needs ahead of their own. Through personalized one-on-one work with me they create a shift in their day to day lifestyle and daily mindset practices so that they experience a drastic shift in their vitality, eliminate their burnout, create regular and restful sleep and end up being recognized as far more effective at their jobs without spending more time there.

2. What can I expect from the call?

Clarity on what gets in the way of your self care and actionable steps to take to eliminate burnout, relieve anxiety, reduce stress, and come back to calm

3. Who is Dani Dunckley?

I realized the importance of self-care when I was twelve and my dad died in a horse racing accident. Losing him made it painfully clear how precious life is, and that none of us knows how long we have. Before he died I watched my parents work long hours, six days a week, and saw the toll this took on them, from exhaustion to burnout to depression. I experienced similar exhaustion and burnout when I was in graduate school, studying and teaching. I felt lost, disconnected, and stuck, and I didn’t know what to do about it.

That’s when I discovered yoga and quickly fell in love.

It wasn’t long until I decided to become a yoga teacher (one of the best decisions of my life), and finally felt connected and whole again. I loved teaching yoga and I loved my students, but like my dad who loved working with horses and had to work long hours just to make ends meet, I found myself teaching up to twenty classes a week, running from one class to the next, with no days off. I’d found what I loved and I was exhausted.

Meanwhile I witnessed my students, from medical doctors to social workers to teachers and therapists also struggle with exhaustion and burnout. These students came to me over and over again after class to share how much my teaching helped them, that my classes kept them from depression, relieved their anxiety, kept them focused, calm and centered, helped them sleep, and even improved their performance at work.

I realized it was time to take my yoga teaching off of the mat and embrace self-care and wellness as a holistic way of life. I’m passionate about coaching my clients shift from burnout to resilience with sustainable self-care that supports them throughout their life.

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Some People Dani’s Worked With

Lois Monteferante

“I realized I needed to sign up for Dani’s Self Care Course when I caught myself arguing with myself about not being able to fit a course on self care in my work schedule.
By the last few weeks of her course I was finally committing to my self care daily and feeling lighter, happier and more empowered.
I also lost someone close to me recently and I finally realized that I need to stop and smell the roses before my life is over. And it wasn’t until Dani’s course that I was able to grieve the loss of my father. 
Dani’s self care course has made such a difference in my life. I’m already planning on signing up for her next course!”

Maureen Casey-French

“I signed up for Dani’s Self Care Course because I struggled with getting to sleep and sleeping throughout the night and I knew I needed to reset my sleeping habits. 
Halfway through the course I was falling asleep easily to her full body relaxation recordings!
As I told her, “I fall asleep to your voice every night.”
And I was sleeping soundly throughout the night. I look and feel so much better, and have so much more energy throughout the day. Thank you Dani, for all your love and support!”

Susan Orzel-Biggs

“I struggle with my inner monologue, and with denying fear and anger, which turns into depression.
When I don’t take care of myself I feel overwhelmed, sad, irritable, and experience cycles of insomnia.
With Dani’s Self Care Courses I’ve been committing to my self care every day and feel happier and calmer. I also feel more able to figure out what I can actually have an impact on, and let go of what I can’t control.
By learning to be in the moment I’m better able to respond to situations, rather than react to them, especially when dealing with difficult personalities at work, and I end the day feeling calm.
Thank you so much, Dani!”

Joya Mukerji

“Thank you so much, Dani! You’ve brought a space of refuge and grounding connection to a tough day. I love the strength and inspiration you offer. I really appreciate your support and guidance! You provide the nexus of everything I was searching for. Working with you has helped me more than years of therapy.”